Marriage Encouragement for Creative Entrepreneurs

Marriage Encouragement

1. The action of providing support, understanding, and hope to married couples. 2. doing and saying the things that can undergird and build up another's relationship--things that say to the couple "don't quit,” “keep going," and encourages them with practical advice to aide in their journey of choosing each other every day.

[ˈmerij enˈkərijmənt] noun.


We are Joshua and Adrienne Rolon, and we believe that marriage is one of the most special gifts a person could receive on this Earth. But let’s be real — in marriage, there are trials, hardships, joys, complications, even heartbreak. And when you add other factors, like a business into the mix? Whoa nelly, can things get difficult! We’re here to encourage you and let you know that

you are not alone.

We want to encourage you as you live through the journey of marriage and entrepreneurship!

we understand where you are.

marriage is hard

we understand where you are

There’s no secret that marriage is hard. I mean let’s face it--you are two very different people with your own thoughts, ideas, and feelings. You are probably both very opinionated about many things, including but not limited to roles in your household, how to handle finances, or even something as small as which way the toilet paper goes on the roll (We’ve heard our share of arguments over this subject, alone). You have all of that on your marital plate, but then you add a business and whew...things can get complicated really quickly.

You’ve landed on this page because somewhere along the way something isn’t gelling, and you may feel at your wit's end because your business isn’t allowing you the time to love and serve your spouse well. Marriage Encouragement Sessions were created for entrepreneurs, just like you, to be that “glue” that helps uplift your marriage, and show you how effectively add your business into the mix.

Well, we are Josh and Adrienne Rolan, and we want you to know that

Josh and I have used these tips and resources to learn how to love each other well, gain a deeper and more intimate understanding of each other and our relationship, and in turn, I’ve learned to love and serve my clients that much better, and we want to share our knowledge with you!

Whether you are a solopreneur and your spouse is a cheerleader on the sideline, or you and your spouse are partners in life and business, this session was created just for you. We will sit across the table together, and engage you in meaningful conversation about your relationship and your business, and send you forward with the resources to help you be that much more intentional in your marriage, and serve your clients well in the process.

I started my business just a few months after Josh and I got married, and managing the balance between serving him well and serving my clients well was #strugglebus. It took time, practice, understanding, and very strategic tools and resources we created for ourselves to help our marriage and our business coincide WELL, without the two constantly clashing with one another. Let’s be clear, our marriage isn’t perfect--no marriage is perfect.

But two people can be very perfect for one another and learn to love each other well; thus understanding how to love others well in the process.

A questionnaire for us to get to know you, you marriage, your business, and any issues they may be struggling with pertaining to balancing marriage and business

A workbook for you and your spouse to work together and use as a guided resource throughout our session and in the future of their marriage

A two hour intensive 2-on-2 private session by video chat or in-person, where we will delve into your marriage and business, provide tools and resources to help your relationship function well while balancing business, and lessons on the fundamentals of marriage and how to apply them to your special relationship and business

One month of unlimited access to us by email to ask questions, or seek advice and encouragement, following your session

your marriage encouragement session will include:

and we are here to hold your hand, walk alongside you, and encourage the two of you along this journey!

Marriage and business CAN go together like peanut butter and jelly

what fellow Creative Entrepreneurs have to say

about Marriage Encouragement Sessions!


Reina Pomeroy, Owner of Reina & Company

Josh and Adrienne have huge hearts for healthy marriages. Business is hard enough as it is and after you add in the mix of a relationship, things can become stressful. In this season of life, it's good to have mentors and encourages like these two to keep pouring in to the most important relationship in order to stay healthy. Having a teammate who also understands our businesses (even if they aren't in your business) can be the difference between staying in the game or quitting. Investing in your relationship will certainly have a return on investment in both heart-points but also for your business!

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Alex Bray, Owner of Prairie Letter Shop

We invest in our homes, our vacations, our clothing--why wouldn't we invest in what's most dear and lasting in our lives--our marriages? I am overjoyed that Adrienne is making her life-affirming insights available to clients through marriage encouragement sessions. In the time I've known Adrienne, she has been unabashed in her pursuit of supporting healthy marriages through her work as a planner and as a colleague to many in the wedding industry. Adrienne is a wonderful listener and pays great attention to detail. She's solutions-oriented and has always made me feel like my needs and perspectives were valued. I can't think of another person who is better suited to this role, and I wholeheartedly recommend Adrienne's services.

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Bethanne Arthur, Owner of Bethanne Arthur Photography

A Marriage Encouragement session with Adrienne and Josh will shed a whole new light on the most important thing in your life - your relationship with your spouse! They are so encouraging, wonderful listeners, and it’s incredible to receive their support and encouragement regarding marriage. Their views on love, life, and marriage and their wonderful relationship is so inspiring. I spoke with Adrienne and Josh, and they poured into me and my marriage, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their generous and giving hearts!

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If so, say, “We do!”

Do you want to make the investment to become better stewards over your marriage and your business?

We do!

Marriage Encouragement Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and we have limited spots available each month.

For weekly marriage encouragement and tips, head to my blog on Mondays for our “Marriage Mondays” series!

head to the blog!

*Disclaimer: Marriage Encouragement is by no means a substitution for Marriage and Family Therapy. Josh and I will always encourage every couple, in every season of marriage, to seek the help of a licensed therapist. We are happy to provide referrals for capable marriage counselors during our session with you.


I love speaking to creative entrepreneurs and encouraging them to live lives full of grace, build businesses with heart, serve their clients well, and provide tools and resources for married business owners.

speaking topics include:





Your spouse is your “bae,” your business is your “baby,” and sometimes the two butt heads. In this talk I’m sharing practical and tangible tips and resources to help you balance your marriage with your business. On select dates, Josh (my amazing hubby) is available to collaborate on this talk.

Marriage and Business Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

What’s your Love Language? Are you a valiant Gifter, or Servant? Or maybe you enjoy Quality Time or Physical Touch? How about if you like Affirm others? In this talk, I delve into each love language, and teach business owners how to love and serve their clients that much better. 

Make Your Love Language Your Business

Sometimes life doesn’t happen like you planned. And you know what? It’s okay! In this talk, I get vulnerable by sharing my struggles with failure, and I encourage business owners to keep going, use their story to fuel their mission, and live lives full of grace.

You Know What? It’s Okay.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever scrolled through your social media feed and looked at your competition, only to feel completely inadequate about who you are, and what you do? Well, my friend, you’re not alone. In this talk, I share five tips to change your mindset about social media, combat that comparison monster, and engage your audience authentically through social media.

How To Develop A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

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marriage encouragement

even more

i needed to hear this

Need a refill?

Engage in weekly dream sessions together where you tell your spouse the goals you have for your business, life, family, marriage, and everything in between. Then develop action steps to work on those goals, together!

Compliment your spouse, and often! Be the light your love needs in their life. Your encouragement just might be the fuel they need to get through the hardest of days.

Schedule unplugged, uninterrupted quality time with one another. Yes, we know you’re busy. But quality time is an investment well spent in your relationship with your spouse.

Surround yourselves with other couples who get it. You’re not on this journey alone, and their are so many other around you on the same boat, ready and willing to cheer you on!

psst - Here are a few fun more facts about us!


college sweethearts

We are college sweethearts and met on the campus of Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia! Everyday Josh would carry Adrienne’s books and walk her all the way across campus to class, even though his classes were on the other side of the school.

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Our proposal

Josh proposed in Washington D.C. at the end of a surprise birthday trip for Adrienne. Josh, being the adorable and fun-loving nerdy guy that he is, put the ring inside a Pokemon ball, got down on one knee and said, “Adrienne, I choose you!”

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our anniversary

We will be married 5 years as of March 16, 2018 (Happy Anniversary to us!)

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If Josh or Adrienne have a hard day, or if they get into an argument with each other, they slow dance together. No music — just a sweet embrace to keep each other grounded, and let the other know "I'm in this with you."

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Josh and I have dedicated our lives and our marriage to be a blessing and an encouragement to other business owners and their spouses! We hope that we can encourage you along your journey, too!

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