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You have some big, bold, dreams for your wedding day, and you want to usher your guests into a magical, luxury experience that makes them feel loved and cared for, while still being true to your love story and your style. 

Yup! That’s Me!

Maybe you’re the couple who would so much rather spend intentional time preparing for your marriage and loving on each other and all the people who matter most without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams.

You’re speaking my love language!

Or, maybe you’re a Creative Entrepreneur who just might have “found the one whom your soul loves,” but are finding it difficult to balance and serve both your marriage and your business, well.

Did you just read my mind?




Your wedding will be a stunning, heartfelt, joy-filled day filled with love and precious moments that will last for generations to come, along with a restful and worry-free planning experience. 

You will develop a much deeper level of understanding, love, and grace toward your spouse, and use the knowledge and tools Josh & I share with you to take your business and your marriage to the next level.

with me by your side...

i've been Celebrating and cultivating meaningful and lasting marriages since 2014

hi! I'm adrienne!

Well, let me tell you something... 

you're in the right place!

I’m married to my best friend, college sweetheart, and the love of my life, Josh, and together we live in Hampton Roads, Virginia! We are the proud parents of our loving and joyful son, James, our adorable and sweet daughter, Nora, and our rambunctious, but kind, French Bulldog, Nina. When I’m not celebrating and cultivating marriages, I love spending time with my sweet little family, listening to and singing all kinds of music, and sipping a good cup of hot chocolate — my favorite!

I can’t wait to serve you!

Let’s get this party started! 


 focus on the things and the people who matter most,


our story

The Heart Behind Heart's Content

The name, “Heart’s Content” came about at a time that was so difficult for me. My mother’s health was failing from a Stage 4 Glioblastoma in the brain, and I had to make a choice between being present with her and the people who mattered most, and pursuing a career in opera. That choice did not come easy, but by making it, I was given the chance to spend cherished moments with my mom before she passed, the chance to be supported by and loved by the man of my dreams, Josh, and an incredible opportunity to watch the vows, “in sickness and in health” be played out in real life,

as my dad sat by my mother’s bedside day in and day out–moment after moment.

I want you to be able to embrace and be present for those beautiful moments, during your engagement and throughout your marriage. When we choose to live intentionally and be present for the things and the people who truly matter most in our lives, we are gifted with a true abundance of joy. I believe that what I do as a wedding planner, designer, florist, and marriage encourager allows you to do just that. To:


These are my core values, and the things I treasure in my heart


family first

My family means everything to me. They are the reason I wake up in the morning, and they fuel the fire behind everything I do. The way I feel about my couples is no different. Here at Heart’s Content I treat every wedding and every wedding as if they are our own, because the people and things that matter to you, matter so much to us, too!

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Encouraging Meaningful and Lasting Marriages

The covenant of marriage is the most beautiful gift any of us could be granted on this earth. We are not meant to live this life alone and to have the opportunity to pledge your life to someone and say every single day, “I choose you,” is just so special, and I want you to embrace every moment of this exciting season, and all the joy to come!

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Loving People Well

Acts of Service is my most prominent love language (Gifting is my second, and trust me, I LOVE to spoil the people I love, including Heart’s Content Couples!). Serving my couples, their marriages, and their families sets my heart on fire. Our dedication to our couples, our integrity, and our love for serving marriages makes us who we are!

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