You’ve got the ring, you've popped the champagne, and you've shared the good news with all your family and friends. But then the overwhelm sets in, and you realize just how much work goes into planning that gorgeous and beautifully executed wedding day that you’ve always dreamed of.

You suddenly wish that a “fairy god-mother” of sorts could swoop in and magically plan, and design an unforgettable wedding experience for you, so that all you have to do is show up to your very own “ball” in your fanciest apparel and be “present” during that special moment.

Well, love, your wish has been granted.


The time you invest in your relationship with your fiancé during your engagement will bear fruit throughout your marriage. An investment in The Heart’s Content Experience is not only an investment in a top-notch planner and designer who is your confidante and right-hand girl from the beginning to the end of your wedding planning process and will organize and perfect each and every detail of your day. It's also an investment in your relationship with the love of your life. Here at Heart's Content we take to heart the covenant of marriage and make sure to infuse the "white space," you need so you can focus on what and who is most important, while we handle the rest. Your celebration, your marriage, and the legacy of love you will create together deserve this incredible experience.

The Heart’s Content Experience!

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I am proud to offer our couples a hands-off, full-service wedding planning and design approach through our Wedding Planning, Design & Execution suite, with the option to include In House Floral Artistry in your experience. During your complimentary consultation, I will listen intently to your love story, your desires, and your needs and craft a wedding experience that will best suit your heart’s desires. From budget management, to selection of the best wedding professionals, to curation of your wedding design, to flawless execution of your day, my heart is fueled on serving your marriage and your celebration to the fullest extent.

Heart’s Content is currently booking marriage celebrations for 2018 and 2019. I only take on a limited amount of celebrations per season, to devote intentional time into each Heart’s Content Couple, and would be filled with joy to serve your day and your marriage! 

I serve marriages throughout the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas, but am able to travel for weddings throughout the United States and beyond! Although Heart’s Content Couples will average $50,000 and above for their overall wedding celebration investment, we are honored to serve weddings of all shapes and sizes.

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The Heart’s Content Experience is the beginning of a lifetime full of beautiful moments with the person who makes your heart sing.



Wedding planning, design, & execution

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In House Floral Artistry

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Through the Full Service Planning & Design approach, I am able to serve you to the fullest extent, from the moment you both say, “Yes,” to this incredible journey, until that beautiful grand exit at the reception where you begin to celebrate the rest of your lives together.

I also go a step further, and provide a Marriage Encouragement session to give you very practical and tangible resources and encouragement to propel you toward success as you say, “I do,” to one another for the rest of your lives!

I will get to know your hearts on such a deep and personal level, plan, perfect and execute every detail beautifully, and invest so much time into your relationship and your wedding day so that you can enjoy a stress-free, heart-filled engagement season with your sweetheart and those you love and cherish!

Full Service Planning & Design

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Floral arranging is like a beautiful music composition—every note, rhythm, melisma, and accent is carefully and lovingly collaborated to create a stunning piece for so many to enjoy. I am so honored to create this visual floral experience for couples who have invested in The Heart’s Content Experience! I take so much joy in putting my heart into every bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece, and lush floral installation to provide artistically designed florals to compliment your beautifully planned wedding day.

To provide the best experience possible, a $4000 minimum is required for your floral experience. 

In House Floral Artistry

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what our past couples have to say

about The Heart’s Content Experience!


Chloe and Tim

We decided to book a wedding planner for our wedding because when it comes to the big day, there is no way you can manage all the little details yourself. Having a wedding planner takes the pressure off and allows you to concentrate on fully enjoying your family, friends, and future spouse along with all the beautiful elements you have dreamed up. Heart’s Content Events was the perfect choice for us. Adrienne was always joyful, organized, stylish, communicative, positive, and dedicated to making our wedding exactly what we envisioned. We highly recommend her and her team for your special event!

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Carrie & Akiem

I was working full time and finishing up my Master’s Degree, and Akiem was super busy with work and travel. We needed someone special with the skills, knowledge, and ability to help us design and coordinate such a special occasion.  Heart’s Content was a wonderful blessing; they made everything possible. Their kindness, attention to detail, promptness, and organization were what we loved most. Heart’s Content suggested THE BEST wedding vendors- our wedding day design was simply breathtaking. Everything was perfect. And perhaps one of the best parts about having Heart’s Content plan our wedding was that we didn’t have to worry about a thing, especially on our wedding day! If we had to do it all again, we’d still chose Heart’s Content.

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Chelsea & Andrew

We cannot thank Adrienne enough for making my special day a breeze. Adrienne's presence is like a breath of fresh air. The Heart’s Content team really puts their hearts into their work. Everything went smoothly on my wedding day and the Adrienne went above and beyond to make it happen. Their creativity knows no bounds and the venue was decorated perfectly because of them. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Heart's Content Events & Design for your wedding planning needs, you will not be disappointed!

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Alyssa & Brandon

I could tell you all about Adrienne's attentiveness to our wedding planning needs, her organization skills, impeccable execution and ability to transform a space into something truly beautiful. All these things are true, but I would be doing a disservice to Adrienne if I didn't tell you what made working with Heart’s Content truly special. Adrienne centers her work on the love between the couple. She has the ability to capture the true essence of the couple in front of her and to reflect that in the finished product on the wedding day. She took our vision, our values and our love and made those the focal point of our wedding. 

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Kari & Nathan

Heart's Content Events & Design did more than we can possibly say in getting us ready for this day! Her meticulous planning and attention to detail are why our day was stress free.

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Shakia & Ricky

We decided from the beginning to hire a wedding planner because we really desired to be worry free on our wedding day and just be able to have fun. I heard so many horror stories of things going wrong in other’s weddings and wanted someone with expertise to take the reigns since I have never done this before.  Our experience with Adrienne was seamless and she was readily available to troubleshoot any issues or concerns we had. Her and her team were truly a blessing on our wedding day. Of all of my friends that have gotten married I am one of the only that can say that nothing actually went wrong in the day of. 

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Hannah & Booth

She was on top of everything and made sure we were on track with all the responsibilities we needed to take care of. I called her so many times with last minute questions and she had the answers to everything. She went to countless meetings with my fiancé and me. She went above and beyond her responsibilities. I did not have to take care of anything or worry about a thing. It was the perfect day and it wouldn't have been nearly as good without Adrienne. Adrienne also does a fantastic job to prioritize the meaning of marriage within a wedding. She was such an encourager to my fiance and I as we prepared for marriage. 

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"Adrienne centers her work on the love between the couple "

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